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Rick said:   June 21, 2011 7:53 pm PST
garyrifkin, you could use 11mg and mix with 0mg to get the strength you want.

Rick said:   June 21, 2011 7:51 pm PST
Hi Cory, the only ingredients in our ejuice is polygycol, vegetable Glycerin, water, flavoring and nicotine. Studies done show ecigs have 1000 time less cancer causing ingredients than tobacco cigarettes. No danerous chemicals or anti freeze. I know the horror stories you are talking about and they aren,t true.

Rick said:   June 21, 2011 7:39 pm PST
I found a great new flavor. I call it caramel cinnamon bun. I take the 24mg High Caliber cin a bun ejuice and mix it with HC 36mg RY4 50% to 50% The vape is the best i've every had clouds of smoke and I get the taste of caramel cinnamon buns. Please let me know if you try it.

garyrifkin said:   June 20, 2011 9:47 am PST
i like a 8ml or o ml nicotine, can we do anybusiness?62tmw

cori coughlan said:   May 12, 2011 6:24 pm PST
1. Is there any side effects? 2. What is the ingredients in the ejuice? 3. Where can I find the warning labels? The FDA says that ecigs have dangerous chemicals in them like carcinigens & stuff from antifreeze, is this true?

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